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No matter where you are in your sales career, this book is for you.

If you are a new salesperson, Ghosts in the Machine offers a guiding light for how to interact and communicate with the various decision-makers you will encounter on your sales journey. Further, this approach will integrate seamlessly with just about any specific, tactical training that your company provides. If you are an underperforming salesperson, whether early or late in your sales career, Ghosts in the Machine provides a better understanding of the people you have been interacting with and how to approach them more confidently and effectively. Most underperforming salespeople are capable of excelling but have yet to find an approach that works for them. I believe that the behavioral science approach may be the key to unlock that potential. If you are a successful salesperson, Ghosts in the Machine offers novel insights that will push you to the next level of success. Ghosts in the Machine presents the sales cycle through a different frame, providing clarity and definition to patterns you will probably recognize but perhaps have yet to articulate. A new lens on these patterns can only make you all the more effective in working with your prospects and customers. Further, the behavioral approach may be just what you need to finally break through with those few stubborn prospects that do not seem interested in picking up what you are putting down. Even if you are not formally employed as a salesperson—maybe you are a founding member of a startup company interested in exploring opportunities in new markets, or maybe you are a corporate executive or manager tasked with leading a cross-functional organizational change, or maybe you would simply like to be more persuasive in “selling” your ideas in a professional setting—Ghosts in the Machine gives you a practical blueprint for connecting with people and positioning your ideas in ways that will resonate with your intended audience.

Whether you are new to sales, underperforming, crushing it, or somewhere in between, I am supremely confident that Ghosts in the Machine holds insights that will resonate with you and help you along your sales journey.

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